Castello del Nero Residences The Castello del Nero estate, has 300 hectares (740 acres) of rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, woodlands and lakes, with unobstructed and dramatic views of the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, the Estate provides a secluded retreat. Discreetly situated within the estate there are five 15th – 17th Century villas, which are undergoing a complete restoration into luxury modern homes. Phillpotts Dowding is currently working with the Castello del Nero residences to create, luxury interiors residences, which will preserve the buildings sense of place however be fitted with modern amenities. The schemes will feature travertino tiles, Italian stucco and aged wood, subtle yet inviting. There will be beautiful views of the vast landscape, and therefore the interior could be delicate to invite the indoors inside. The sense of place would be preserved by using local artisan to craft the interior features.


The client required an entertaining space for ‘tailors talk’. The green velvet and foliage compliment the use of dark wood, whereas the herringbone armchair lightens the space. Rose gold and dark brown/black were used to reflect the Carter Savoy logo. Rose gold accents were used on the coffee table, small decor item and within the fitting room. Unfortunately due to the landlord's wishes, we were unable to replace the carpet with a beautiful wood flooring, however, we installed a luxury leather wall from tektura. The leather wall exudes luxury and gives the office a ‘secret’ and exclusive aura. A fitting room was built, this benefits the client as suit fittings are a crucial part of the tailoring experience. The fitting room door has matching tektura leather panelling on both sides, with three walls to ceiling mirrors which were a templated to fit the walls perfectly.


The bar concept on the left was part of a pitch with an F&B consultant, where the client was looking to renovate a lounge space, which was to be used by the tennis players during their breaks from playing on courts. The tennis club lounge exudes 1930's class with a modern edge. Hexagon tiles spread across the floor with a distinctive scalloped tiled feature cascading behind the bar. The warm of the royal blue velvet invites the visitors to indulge in a nutritious meal or snack, before heading out to play tennis. A refreshing habitat for those in favour of tennis.