Gloucestershire & vintage amber

October 2017: A visit to Gloucester with an unexpected vintage amber glass haul…

This weekend Natasha and I visited our home town, Gloucester. The photograph above was actually taken from the dashboard of our car, as we were navigating our way back to London on the hazy Sunday afternoon. Of course, the Sat Nav had it’s own mind – as they usually do… and we found ourselves taking the scenic route around the Cotswolds.

As instructed by the Sat Nav, we took a sharp left off the winding country road towards the service station, looking forward to the promise of a hot coffee. However, there wasn’t a service station in sight – something much better. The set of buildings above is a part of an old working farm, with tractors and a surprise upholstery shop! The upholstery shop is the building which says Smiths on the left. I really couldn’t complain as the view was stunning. We paused for a few moments to take in the surroundings and noticed a quaint farm shop, where I found a rather interesting card…

Photograph above taken by S.P-D. Gloucestershire, 15.10.17

Photograph taken by S.P-D. Kensal Rise – London, 16.10.17

 The card actually looks like a work of art. On the front cover, there is a hand-coloured atlas map of Gloucester from the year 1845. This little gem has been styled on my dressing table, nestled between a bunch of dried amber roses. The dried appearance of the roses compliments the historic hand painted map, and their hue picks up on the antique paper.  I knew my dried roses would come in handy some day!

Photograph taken by S.P-D. Kensal Rise – London, 16.10.17

The back of the card features some historical facts printed on antique paper. I love when I accidentally find inspiring curiosities such as this, it makes me realise how much I do enjoy the countryside and the history of small towns. I have found that nature helps me to be inspired within my interiors, where possible I tend to suggest the use natural materials and indoor plants.

After purchasing two of them we carried on our way – we didn’t make it to the elusive service station but, did pass one when we finally reached the M4. When I say ‘pass,’ I literally mean it, the service station was on the other side of the motorway heading back towards Gloucester. 

 Photograph taken by Mick Cant Jul 2017

Going back to the start of the trip, Natasha and I decided to meander slowly around Gloucester’s antique shops. In particular I wanted to visit Gloucester’s Antique centre.

Located in the middle of town, behind Gloucester Docks, sits a peculiar old store filled with antiques in every nook and cranny. The building itself contains well preserved Tudor roofing and windows, and is advertised as an ‘Aladdin’s cave of amazing finds for antique collectors and interior designers alike’. After visiting the store, I must agree.
Photograph taken by S.P-D. Kensal Rise, 16.10.17

Hidden away on a packed top shelf was this stunning globe like vase. Even though it was covered with a thin layer of dust I could see that this was an interesting piece. At home, I have placed this on top of a console table which benefits from direct daytime sunlight. The two bowls to the right were found online previously, however their similar amber hue gives this arrangement the impression of a set.

When I was first fiddling around with the arrangement, the new round ‘globe’ was becoming lost due to its height. So, I decided to raise him by placing him on top of a wooden stand – the stand is in-fact the bottom of a bell jar which, unfortunately smashed during a butter fingers moment. Nevertheless, I am happy to see that I have managed to reuse part of the broken bell jar.


Photograph taken by S.P-D. Kensal Rise, 16.10.17

Just look at the stunning details!


Photograph taken by S.P-D. Gloucester, 14.10.17

Next to some brightly coloured trinkets, there was also this small glass curiosity with an interesting lid and handle. If you look closely you can see a floral pattern which spreads out at the base of the handle. I gifted this stunning piece to my mother, who is going to style this in her lounge.


Photograph taken by S.P-D. Gloucester, 14.10.17

Lastly, I had also noticed another stunning amber vase, which had a tag suggesting 1970 as the year origin. I also gifted this vase to my mother, in the image above we styled it on the top of a dark wood and cherry Chinese side table. During the evening the vase benefits from table lamp behind him, as it illuminates the vase and shows off it’s intricate design.

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