Sophie Phillpotts-Dowding
Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding


Phillpotts Dowding Ltd is a boutique design studio offering interior & fashion design services.

Twin sisters, Natasha & Sophie Phillpotts-Dowding enjoy the creative challenge of working alongside each other, bouncing off each others creative ideas. Reflecting across the two design fields to create unique designs.

A little background…

Supporting Young British Talent is an investment programme set up by Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc in 2014. Where young talented individuals are identified and capital invested in, by setting up a new business in which they are given a significant stake.

Red Ribbon also provides ongoing mentoring to train in the various aspects of setting up and running a business. Red Ribbon also enable strategic alliances with companies within its network. The ultimate objective is to give young people a chance, which they otherwise will not get and develop these businesses to export their products and services overseas with the British label.

The first investment under this programme is Phillpotts Dowding Limited, where twin sisters Sophie and Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding have been selected as the young talent to support. Sophie is the Head of Interior Design, whilst Natasha is the Head of Fashion Design. The objective here is to develop a twin branding concept around the sisters and to develop a brand identity that offers cutting edge design.

Phillpotts Dowding is also able to offer specialist services to the hospitality industry, where both divisions pair together to design interiors and uniforms. Enabling a seamless atmosphere within the establishment with enhances the client experience.

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