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August 2017 : My current favourite interior styling items.

A material inspiration board. By S.P-D

It’s August now and over half way through the year. So, I thought I would take moment to reflect on my favourite styling items.  Some of them are on trend a few that I have picked up along the way.

 Home Sweet Home at S.P-D residence

 I simply cannot get enough of peacock feathers…. There is something unique about the striking teal and blue centre. When I gaze into them it is as if you could describe the colour as a decadent aqua, with the fluid characteristics of mercury. I am planning to double the quantity in the image above, I am currently testing to see how the feathers deal with the daily humidity of a bathroom… so far so good.

Monstera Deliciosa, PATCH

Large indoor plants have got to very close to the top of my interior styling list, with Monstera Deliciosa taking the lead in my current favourite. The leaves are beautifully large with cut out missing holes and a textured appearance. They are easy to care for however watch out, as they do not like direct sunlight.

Other than the Monstera Deliciosa there is also the Philodendron Scanden also known as the Sweetheart plant. It’s tall silhouette and the cascading heart shaped leaves are stunning, I think it is most effective when indoor plants are large foliage type leaves. As this gives an urban jungle effect which leaving interiors drenched with vegetation as if you are within a forest or woodland itself.

Rockett St George

 We know that I love gold…

Another styling favourite which is trending the moment is the combination of marble and gold, with the added effect of negative space weaving throughout. The simple use of cut marble paired with sleek legs accentuates the natural material, but gives an elevated appearance which presents almost a floating effect.

Home sweet home at S.P-D residence

Vintage / Antique furniture or décor!

 I always enjoy expressing my love for vintage and antique furniture. I have found that there is a narrative and a soul which clings to these items, which have been crafted in the days gone by. In the image above you can see the head board of my c1920 Corbeille bed frame sourced from France. When I saw her on an online auction I just had to have her.

Apart from larger scale furniture, small antique items such as decorative glassware & bottles, trunks and vintage mirrors can be used to style side boards. As these leave a unique finger print and more often than not, you will not be able to find a duplicate.

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