Furnishing a new lounge on a budget?

24th March 2018

When furnishing a new lounge the running total can easily become a lot larger than originally planned.

When working with a budget the key is to split the budget, between the items you wish/need to splurge on vs items you don’t. If you mix the more expensive items with cost effective items, you can create an overall look of luxury.

When purchasing the more ‘expensive items’, make sure you have a look at the materials and finishes they are made from. You want to ensure that you are buying good quality materials and not just the brand name, so order samples where possible. Examples of items could be sofas, dining tables and other seating. You will also need to aware of the length of time needed for the production and delivery of such items.

When buying the ‘cost effective items’, if possible go to the store or showroom and check out the range. You may be surprised at the difference in person vs the edited product image online, if the company does not have a store or offer samples ensure you understand the returns policy. Just in case it arrives and you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

With both types of items I would advise checking client reviews.

Although, this does not just mean you can mix any expensive and any cost effective items and expect the finished room to look great. You need to have a keen eye for the design and style, as the furniture and decor need to compliment to each other. This can be achieved in many ways but one easy way of doing this is by using the same metal, for example gold. If your sofa has modern gold details on the legs, then source decorative items with a similar finish.  Although, don’t be caught out by the differences in the gold finishes.

Below is a quick example of this:

If you instructed an interior designer to help you with your project we have access to trade accounts. Trade accounts offer exclusive discount to trade professionals on many interior items which are available from selected stores and brands, the percentage is usually from 20-60%.  For example, if the company offered a 15% trade discount and you were looking to spend £4,000 on sofas/seating, you would save £600 which could go towards a lovely solid wood side table.

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