London Fashion Week – Highlights

24th September 2018

A few pieces of which caught my eye.

Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding


This first piece was showcased by Xu Zhi. I love how the classic silhouette, pairs well with the modern white cloth. The white color fits perfectly with the clean cut aesthetics. The tailored fit, it presents a lovely shape to the wearer. I also like how soft feminine elegance is portrayed through the use of drape.

XU ZHI 2019 September London Fashion Week

Designer: Xu Zhi



 This second outfit has been created by Mary Kantrantzou. The outfit reminds me  of a Blade Runner & Barbarella fusion. With the futuristic twists and unconventional mediums. The loud collar demands subtle attention with the clear PVC/Latex material.

Mary Katrantzou LFW 2019

Designer: Mary Katrantzou



The collar line has a soft curve, with padding. I love how fresh water pearls have been used to embellish the jacket. These pearls generate a 3D texture. The finesse of the cloth, skims over the body to presents an elegant silhouette. I can imagine this dress would feel comfortable and freeing to wear.


Designer – Fyodor Golan



The image below shows a Delopozo creation. Elements within the outfit reminds me of a deconstructed shirt. The unusual shapes make for an interesting garment. The head piece further adds to the theatrical ambience.

Delpozo LFW19

Designer: Delpozo



“I have always found a connection in creating wearable beauty. To be able to design pieces of art which can boost self-confidence and self-esteem of others”

Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding

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