Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding

I have always found a connection in creating wearable beauty. To be able be to boost self-confidence and self-esteem of others.

From the tailoring point of view, bespoke garments allow to flatter all body shapes. As the item is made to fit the wearer measurements exactly, aided with multiple fittings. This allows for a very high finish and a beautiful tailored fit. Cloth, innovative design features, trimmings, buttons and linings are a few ways in which a garment can be injected with the wearers individual personal style.

When designing uniforms psychology influences my design process. As uniforms can construct a sense of identity and belonging in a hospitality environment for the individuals.

I find I draw my inspiration from nature, psychology, cultures and music. I also firmly believe in sustainable fashion, mindful of the impact on the environment. Dr Carolyn Mair, highlights this issue in the developing school of thought, Fashion Psychology.

“Dr Carol is making strides to transform industry attitudes into ones that are environmentally conscious and mindful of sustainability issues.”

With these foundations I aspire to create unique sustainable wearable beauty.

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