Can the layout of a room increase functionality?

16th March 2018

When arranging your furniture layout within a room it can be hard to get the best use of the space.

I have drawn two layouts for the same guest bedroom which demonstrate a few things you should keep in mind.

The layout above doesn’t not make use of the space available and the arrangement of the furniture is causing more issues than benefits. As you walk into the guest bedroom, you are immediately confronted with the bed. The bed is most likely going to be the biggest piece of furniture in a guest bedroom and placing it right next to the door is only going to hinder your movement around the room. On top of this, the location of the bed does not allow for bedside tables which are great for guests to store small items and for you to also place table lamps. Table lamps are not only great for evening lighting but also add beauty to a room.

There is also awkward and used space which is currently being used for movement around the room.

In an ideal room, most people like to walk into an open space as this gives the room a more open and attractive ambience. The room layout now opens up in front of you instead of furniture being obstacles in your way.

The location of bed now allows you to approach from either side of the bed, there is nothing worse than trying climbing into the far side of a bed (if, the bed frame has been pushed against a wall). This location of the bed allows for bedside tables and will also accommodate a small relaxation space, an interesting accent chair can enhance the scheme of a room.

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