Residential interior design : Whether you are refurbishing a modern apartment or you are about to take on a big renovation project, we can help you to develop your perfect interior.

 Commercial interior design : When designing commercial interiors, we like to think of our spaces as open ‘habitats’, and take time to understand what the client is looking to achieve. From the feel that the visitor would experience as they cross the threshold, say, a hotel reception. To a lasting impression of a vivid cocktail bar, long after the visitor has left in the evening. We can also offer a concept service, which is useful for those who are about to take on a new property and would like to create a few 3D visualisations to help secure their lease or to attain a better idea of their vision.

 Interior styling : We are asked frequently to help out with the last mile of interior decoration and design. Where our clients have already selected their large furniture items, but would like some help styling the surfaces, dining tables, hallway consoles, bedrooms, coffee table vignette etc. This can also be beneficial for clients who has just moved home and have existing furniture and decor which they love, but would like some help tying the scheme together in their new layout.


Uniform design : Uniforms are designed with the existing or to be implemented interior design in mind. Building upon the establishments narrative to support a memorable client experience. Allowing for a seamless ambience between the establishment, individuals and attire.

Personal styling & Tailoring : This service offers personal styling for individuals who are looking to refresh their wardrobe. The attire can be store brought or designed bespoke for the individual, where the client has the opportunity to design something unique.  We hold a vast collection of fabrics and trimmings to suit any occasion, climate and personal taste.


We are aiming to work on commercial projects together, so that the interior styling and the uniform design are designed under one roof. Allowing the client to benefit from a complete project, where both the interior and uniform design has been considered as one, with links across the materials and style. To create a harmonious relationship between fashion and interiors, which will enable a better guest experience.

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