Sophie Phillpotts-Dowding

I have always been interested in how we interact with interiors, and the various different styles and opinions we each have towards our own ‘perfect’ interior.

Working with the Castello Del Nero residences, I have the learnt to appreciate the integrity of historic buildings. I think that the facade should influence it’s interior, as we have a responsibility to ensure that their ancient ‘souls’ are protected, yet, fitted with all our modern comforts.

On the flip side, new build modern apartments and houses are exciting to work with, as the modern finishes and innovations are endless!

When working with hospitality concepts and interiors, I believe that a synchronised uniform design can be hugely beneficial.

My personal style is a vivid mix between the new and the old, I think there is something special about the fusion of antique artefacts with modern technology and innovation.

Our interiors are down to your own personal taste which I aim to curate for each one of my clients.

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